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Title Timeframe University
12th Annual INTC Winter Leadership Summit 1/26/18 Urbana
17th Annual Countywide Dr. MLK, Jr. Celebration 1/12/18 Urbana
2017 CEAPS Mandarin Summer Camp 7/17/17 - 7/28/17
Occurs each week on M/Tu/W/Th/F
2017 School of Art + Design Faculty Exhibition 8/13/17 - 9/23/17 Urbana
2018 Asian Educational Media Services (AEMS) and Visiting Asian Scholars Program (VASP) Open House & Lunar New Year Celebration 2/9/18 Urbana
2018 Dance at Illinois Friday Open House & Saturday Auditions 2/2/18 - 2/3/18 Urbana
2018 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration 1/12/18 - 1/20/18 Urbana
2018 Entertainment Media Summer Camp 7/8/18 - 7/13/18 Urbana
2018 Illinois Summer Harp Class 5/31/18 - 6/2/18 Urbana
2018 Sports Media Summer Camp 7/8/18 - 7/13/18 Urbana
2018 Summer Intensive Arabic Program for High School Students 6/10/18 - 6/23/18 Urbana
2018 Summer Piano Institute 7/16/18 - 7/21/18 Urbana
2018 USDA Ag Discovery Program 6/24/18 - 7/29/18 Urbana
21st Century Scientists Working Group Ongoing Urbana
The 21st: a production of Illinois Public Media Ongoing Urbana
33rd Annual Dr. MLK, Jr. Service of Celebration 1/14/18 Urbana
33rd Annual Unity Breakfast 1/15/18 Urbana
35th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival - Ticks 2/24/18 Urbana
4-H Illini Summer Academies 2018 6/24/18 - 6/28/18 Urbana
4-H Memorial Summer Youth Camp 2018 - Week 1 6/3/18 - 6/7/18 Urbana
4-H Memorial Summer Youth Camp 2018 - Week 2 6/10/18 - 6/14/18 Urbana
4-H Memorial Summer Youth Camp 2018 - Week 3 6/17/18 - 6/21/18 Urbana
4-H Memorial Summer Youth Camp 2018 - Week 4 7/1/18 - 7/4/18 Urbana
4-H Volunteer Courses Ongoing Urbana
57 Ways to Protect Your Home Environment (and Yourself) Ongoing Urbana
6 County Fast Pitch - Henry, Mercer, Stark, Henderson, Warren and Knox Counties 3/14/18 Urbana
8 to CREATE Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter A Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership Ongoing Urbana
Accelerating Women And underRepresented Entrepreneurs Ongoing U of I System
Active Aging Community Center: The Community for Active Aging Professionals Ongoing Urbana
Adams, Brown, Hancock, Pike & Schuyler Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Adolescent Medicine Division Ongoing Chicago
The Adventures of Herman Ongoing Urbana
Aerospace Illinois Space Grant Consortium Ongoing Urbana
African Studies Outreach Program Ongoing Urbana
African-American Cultural Center Ongoing Chicago
Agricultural Animal Care and Use Program Ongoing Urbana
Agricultural Safety and Health Ongoing Urbana
Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture Program Ongoing Urbana
Alan Guebert Series Ongoing U of I System
Alexander, Johnson, Massac, Pulaski & Union Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
The All-Star River Explorers: Discover the Basics of Rivers and How They Are Formed Ongoing Urbana
Allerton Park & Retreat Center Ongoing Urbana
American Migrations Project Ongoing Chicago
Andrology Laboratory Ongoing Chicago
Animals Past and Present Ongoing Urbana
Antithrombosis Center Ongoing Chicago
Apples and More Ongoing Urbana
Arabic Conversation Table Series Ongoing Urbana
Arboretum Ongoing Urbana
Army ROTC Program Ongoing Chicago
Art @ the Y Series Ongoing Urbana
Art Speak Teen Program Ongoing Urbana
Art-to-Go Visits Ongoing Urbana
AsiaLENS Film Series Ongoing Urbana
Asian American Cultural Center Ongoing Urbana
Asian American Resource & Cultural Center Ongoing Chicago
Asian Educational Media Service Ongoing Urbana
Ask the (Physics) Van Ongoing Urbana
Assistive Technology Unit Ongoing Chicago
Association of Peruvian Students Ongoing Urbana
AstroIllini Ongoing Urbana
Astronomical Society at the University of Illinois Ongoing Urbana
Astronomy on Tap Series Ongoing Urbana
Audiology Clinic Ongoing Urbana
The Autism Program Affiliate at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Ongoing Urbana
Avicenna Community Health Center Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter B B.A./B.F.A. Auditions Ongoing Chicago
Bachelor of Arts in Urban Education - General Education Courses Ongoing Chicago
Band & Orchestra Festival Ongoing Chicago
Beckman Institute Director's Seminar Series Ongoing Urbana
Bees and Beekeeping Short Course - Spring 2018 4/7/18 Urbana
BeeSpotter Ongoing Urbana
Behavioral Health & Welfare Program Ongoing Chicago
Best of Friends: Kids and Dogs Ongoing Urbana
Beyond Impatiens and Petunias Ongoing Urbana
Bicycle Training Courses Ongoing Urbana
Big Ten Network at Illinois Ongoing Urbana
Biological Physics Seminar (CPLC) Series Ongoing Urbana
Biomechanics Research Laboratories Ongoing Chicago
Bioreactors, Water Table Management, and Water Quality Ongoing Urbana
Bond, Clinton, Jefferson, Marion & Washington Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Book Mentor Project Ongoing Urbana
Boone, DeKalb, & Ogle Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Conversation Table Series Ongoing Urbana
Braunschweig Laboratory of Human Nutrition & Obesity Ongoing Chicago
Breathe Chicago Center Ongoing Chicago
Brian Dolinar Series Ongoing U of I System
Bridges to Baccalaureate Program Ongoing Chicago
Brookens Library Ongoing Springfield
Brownstown Agronomy Research Center Ongoing Urbana
Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center Ongoing Urbana
Bug Review Ongoing Urbana
Build a Hive Day - Spring 2018 2/10/18 Urbana
Build a Hive Day - Spring 2018 2/17/18 Urbana
Building Entrepreneurial Communities Ongoing Urbana
Bulbs & More Ongoing Urbana
Bureau, LaSalle, Marshall & Putnam Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Business Career Services Ongoing Urbana
Business Innovation Services Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter C C-U Wiki Ongoing Urbana
C.A.R.E. Pet Loss Helpline Ongoing Urbana
Calhoun, Cass, Greene, Morgan & Scott Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Campus & Community Student Services Ongoing Urbana
Campus Bicycle Center Ongoing Urbana
Campus Recreation Ongoing Urbana
Campus Visit Programs Ongoing Urbana
Capoeira Club at UIUC Ongoing Urbana
CARE Seminar Series Ongoing Chicago
Career Connections Expo at UIS 2/15/18 Springfield
Carroll, Lee & Whiteside Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Catch the Carrot Ongoing Urbana
CCNet (Champaign County Sustainability Network) Ongoing Urbana
Center for Advanced Study (CAS) Annual Lecture Series Ongoing Urbana
Center for African Studies Ongoing Urbana
Center for African Studies Brown Bag Series Ongoing Urbana
Center for Alcohol Research in Epigenetics Ongoing Chicago
Center for Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities Research Ongoing Chicago
Center for Children's Books Ongoing Urbana
Center for Community-Based Children's Mental Health Research & Policy Ongoing Chicago
Center for Digital Inclusion Ongoing Urbana
Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies Ongoing Urbana
Center for Economic & Financial Education Ongoing Urbana
Center for Education in Small Urban Communities Ongoing Urbana
Center for Entrepreneurship Ongoing Springfield
Center for Global Studies Ongoing Urbana
Center for Health Behavior Research Ongoing Chicago
Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning Ongoing Urbana
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Ongoing Urbana
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies K-14 Teaching Resources Ongoing Urbana
Center for Literacy Ongoing Chicago
Center for Neurodevelopmental Disorders Ongoing Chicago
Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Ongoing Urbana
Center for State Policy and Leadership Ongoing Springfield
Center for Study of Reading Ongoing Urbana
Center for Translation Studies Ongoing Urbana
Center of Excellence in Maternal & Child Health Ongoing Chicago
Center of Excellence in Women's Health Ongoing Chicago
Center on Health, Aging, and Disability (CHAD) Ongoing Urbana
Certificate in Global Labor Studies Ongoing Urbana
Certificate in Labor Studies Ongoing Urbana
Certificate in Translation Studies Ongoing Urbana
Certified Crop Adviser Ongoing Urbana
Certified Livestock Manager Training Program Ongoing Urbana
Certified Public Manager Program® of Illinois Ongoing Springfield
Chambana Science Cafe Series Ongoing Urbana
Chambana Science Cafe Series: New Trends in Energy Storage: How Research at the Smallest Scale Impacts Our Greater Societal Needs - Spring 2018 2/7/18 Urbana
Champaign, Ford, Iroquois & Vermilion Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab Ongoing Urbana
Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra Series Ongoing Urbana
CHANCE Program Ongoing Chicago
Chancellor's Academy Ongoing Urbana
Chat 'N Chew Lunchtime Series Ongoing Urbana
The Chez Family Foundation Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education Ongoing Urbana
Chicago Center for Disability Research Ongoing Chicago
Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion Ongoing Chicago
Chicago Public Schools Admitted Student Program Ongoing Urbana
Chicago Water Walk Ongoing Urbana
Chicagoland Entrepreneurship Education for People with Disabilities Project Ongoing Chicago
Child & Family Development Center Ongoing Chicago
Child Care Providers Series - Healthy Lifestyles Ongoing Urbana
Child Care Resource Service Ongoing Urbana
Child Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison Service Ongoing Chicago
Children’s Participation and Environment Research Lab Ongoing Chicago
Choosing a Financial Professional Ongoing Urbana
Christian, Jersey, Macoupin & Montgomery Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Christmas Trees & More Ongoing Urbana
Cicadas in Illinois Ongoing Urbana
Civic Engagement Days Ongoing Chicago
CLACS Lecture Series Spring 2017 Ongoing Urbana
Clark, Crawford & Edgar Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Clay, Effingham, Fayette & Jasper Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Climbing Clinic Series Ongoing Urbana
Cline Center for Democracy Ongoing Urbana
Coffee Grounds Repurposing Ongoing Urbana
Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Moultrie & Shelby Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Collaborative for Equity & Justice in Education Ongoing Chicago
Collective Bargaining (Chicago Certificate Class) 1/6/18 Urbana
College of Dentistry Urban Health Program Ongoing Chicago
College of Nursing: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program Ongoing Chicago
College of Pharmacy Urban Health Program Ongoing Chicago
Common Problems for Vegetable Crops Ongoing Urbana
Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Healthy Relationships Ongoing Urbana
Community and Economic Development Ongoing Urbana
Community Conversations Ongoing Urbana
Community Learning Lab Ongoing Urbana
Community Preservation Clinic Ongoing Urbana
Community Reintegration Program Ongoing Chicago
Composting Central Ongoing Urbana
Composting for the Homeowner Ongoing Urbana
Composting in the Home Garden Ongoing Urbana
Comprehensive Assessment and Response Training System Ongoing Chicago
Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Unit Ongoing Chicago
Comprehensive Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders Clinic Ongoing Chicago
Comprehensive Program for Struggling Algebra Students Ongoing Chicago
Conflict Clinic Ongoing Urbana
Confucius Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ongoing Urbana
Connected Chemistry Curriculum Project Ongoing Chicago
Continuing Education at the iSchool Ongoing Urbana
ConvoPartner Program at the Intensive English Institute Ongoing Urbana
Cook County Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Cox Children’s Center Ongoing Springfield
CPS Latino College Access Committee Ongoing Chicago
Credit Card Smarts Ongoing Urbana
Crop Sciences Research and Education Center - South Farms Ongoing Urbana
Ctrl-Shift Ongoing Urbana
Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services Ongoing Urbana
CUVolunteer Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter D Dance for People with Parkinson's Series Ongoing Urbana
Dating Violence & Breaking Up Ongoing Urbana
DCL Lecture Series Ongoing Urbana
Dealing with Clutter Ongoing Urbana
Dealing With Toddlers Ongoing Urbana
Decision Making...Decide, Don't Slide Ongoing Urbana
Demos and Animations for Teaching Astronomy (DATA) Ongoing Urbana
Department of Art, Music, Theatre Ongoing Springfield
Department of Special Education Ongoing Chicago
Dessert and Conversation Series Ongoing Urbana
Developmental Disabilities Family Clinic Ongoing Chicago
DeWitt, Macon & Piatt Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Diabetes Life Lines Ongoing Urbana
Diabetes Lifelines Newsstand Ongoing Urbana
Dick Simpson Series Ongoing U of I System
Disability Resources and Educational Services Summer Camps 2017 - Illini Premier Camp 7/5/17 - 7/9/17 Urbana
Disability Resources and Educational Services Summer Camps 2017 - Illini Premier Camp Coaches Clinic 7/5/17 - 7/9/17 Urbana
Disability Resources and Educational Services Summer Camps 2017 - Illinois Track Camp 6/20/17 - 6/24/17 Urbana
Disability Resources and Educational Services Summer Camps 2017 - Illinois Track Camp Observing Coach 6/20/17 - 6/24/17 Urbana
Disability Resources and Educational Services Summer Camps 2017 - Individual Basketball Skills Camp 6/28/17 - 7/2/17 Urbana
Disability Resources and Educational Services Summer Camps 2017 - Individual Skills Camp Coaches Clinic 6/28/17 - 7/2/17 Urbana
Disaster Resources Ongoing Urbana
Dish It Up / Lunch on Us Series Ongoing Urbana
Disruptive Behavior Disorders Program Ongoing Chicago
Distance Diagnostics - Getting Diagnosis and Identification of Your Plant and Pest Problems Ongoing Urbana
Diversity Research Laboratory Ongoing Urbana
Dixon Springs Agricultural Center Ongoing Urbana
Downtown Champaign Chamber Music: DoCha Ongoing Urbana
Dr. Arbor Talks Trees Ongoing Urbana
Dr. David Kaplan: Tracking Changes in Geography Over the Last Century: Evidence from Doctoral Dissertations 1/19/18 Urbana
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration - 2018 1/20/18 Urbana
DREAM Training Planning Committee Ongoing Chicago
Du Brul Collection Ongoing Chicago
DUI Service Provider Training Program Ongoing Springfield
DuPage, Kane & Kendall Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter E The Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative Ongoing Urbana
Early Intervention Training Program Ongoing Urbana
East Central Illinois Master Naturalists Ongoing Urbana
eBlackCU: A Collaborative Portal on African-American Experiences in Champaign-Urbana Ongoing Urbana
ECCE Speaker Series: "Welcome to America: Immigration Simulation" 3/1/18 Springfield
ECCE Speaker Series: Clinica de Migrantes: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness 3/21/18 Springfield
ECCE Speaker Series: “Black Children in Hollywood Cinema” 3/6/18 Springfield
ECCE Speaker Series: “From Racial Hatred to Rational Love: Confessions of a Former White Supremacist” 2/1/18 Springfield
ECCE Speaker Series: “Protest: As American As Apple Pie” 2/6/18 Springfield
ECCE Speaker Series: “The HealthSouth Fraud: A Case of Ethical Malpractice” 2/21/18 Springfield
The Edgar Fellows Program Ongoing U of I System
Edible Book Festival 2018 4/7/18 Urbana
Education Assessment Clinic Ongoing Chicago
Education Justice Project Ongoing Urbana
Educational Opportunities Program Ongoing Urbana
Edwards, Lawrence, Richland, Wabash & Wayne Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Elder Abuse & Neglect Ongoing Urbana
Electrifying Learning Kits Ongoing Urbana
Emerging Digital Research and Education in Arts Media Institute (eDream) Ongoing Urbana
EngineerGuy Ongoing Urbana
Engineering at Illinois Online Ongoing Urbana
Engineering Open House 2018 3/9/18 - 3/10/18 Urbana
EntreCORPS Ongoing Urbana
Entrepreneur in Residence Program Ongoing Urbana
Erica Williams Series Ongoing U of I System
Escuelas en Línea Ongoing Urbana
Ethanol Ongoing Urbana
European Union Center Ongoing Urbana
An Evening with Poe Ongoing Urbana
Excellence in Teaching Mathematics & Science: Chicago Symposium Series Ongoing Chicago
Executive Veterinary Program™ Ongoing Urbana
Exercise Psychology Laboratory Ongoing Chicago
Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program Ongoing Urbana
Experience AHS 2018 3/10/18 Urbana
Explore ACES 2018 3/9/18 - 3/10/18 Urbana
Explore with Hadi Series Ongoing Urbana
ExploreCU Ongoing Urbana
Exploring the Secret Life of Trees Ongoing Urbana
Extended Campus Ongoing Chicago
EZregs - Making Sense of Illinois Agricultural and Horticultural Regulations Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter F FAA Independent Artist Lecture Series Ongoing Urbana
Fabulous Foliage Ongoing Urbana
Family Advocacy Clinic Ongoing Urbana
Family and Community Engagement Ongoing Urbana
Family Support Research & Training Center Ongoing Chicago
Family Works: Strategies for Building Stronger Families Ongoing Urbana
Farmdoc Ongoing Urbana
FAST Services, Adult Education & Career Transition Ongoing Chicago
FAST Services, Parent Outreach Program Ongoing Chicago
FAST Services, Resource Center for Autism & Developmental Delays Ongoing Chicago
Fiesta of Flavors - Hispanic Recipes for People With Diabetes Ongoing Urbana
Fight the Bite! - Preventing West Nile Virus Ongoing Urbana
Financial Literacy Program Ongoing Urbana
Firewood in Illinois Ongoing Urbana
Flames Athletics Ongoing Chicago
Focus on Plant Problems Ongoing Urbana
Food for the Soul Series Ongoing Urbana
Food for Thought Series Ongoing Urbana
Food for Thought: Ideas for Parents of Preschoolers Ongoing Urbana
Food Fun - From Apples to Zucchini Ongoing Urbana
Forever Friends Ongoing Urbana
The Forum on the Future of Public Education Ongoing Urbana
Foster Care Utilization Review Program Ongoing Urbana
Franklin, Jackson, Perry, Randolph, & Williamson Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Fresh From the World.... Where Your Food Comes From Ongoing Urbana
From Russia with Love: John Garvey's Russian Folk Orchestra 10/12/17 - 9/3/18 Urbana
From the Ground Up - Groundcovers to Know and Use Ongoing Urbana
Fulton, Mason, Peoria & Tazewell Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter G Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Pope, Saline & White Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Gallery 400 Ongoing Chicago
Garden Calendar - Daily Tips for the Home Gardener Ongoing Urbana
Gardener's Corner Ongoing Urbana
Gardener's Corner Newsstand Ongoing Urbana
Gardening with Annuals Ongoing Urbana
Gardening with Perennials Ongoing Urbana
Gary Reid Series Ongoing U of I System
Gender & Sexuality Center Ongoing Chicago
General Diagnostic Clinic Ongoing Chicago
Getting Through Tough Financial Times Ongoing Urbana
Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS) Workshop: Origami - Spring 2018 2/10/18 Urbana
Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS) Workshop: Pottery Field Trip - Spring 2018 2/24/18 Urbana
Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS) Workshop: String Art - Spring 2018 3/3/18 Urbana
Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS) Workshop: Tesselations - Spring 2018 2/17/18 Urbana
Global Labor Studies Online Courses Ongoing Urbana
Good as Gold Volunteer Awards Ongoing Springfield
Graduate Public Service Internship Ongoing Springfield
The Great Corn Adventure Ongoing Urbana
Great Lakes ADA Center Ongoing Chicago
Great Lakes Addiction Technology Transfer Center Ongoing Chicago
Great Lakes Center for Children's Environmental Health Ongoing Chicago
Great Lakes Centers Ongoing Chicago
Green Side Up Podcast Ongoing Urbana
Grundy, Kankakee, & Will Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
A Guide to the Business of Babysitting Ongoing Urbana
Gypsy Moth - Northeastern Illinois Reporting Site Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter H Habitat for Humanity - Campus Chapter Ongoing Urbana
Hazardous Materials Training Program Ongoing Urbana
Health in the Arts Program Ongoing Chicago
Health Rocks! Ongoing Urbana
Healthy Hopping Ongoing Urbana
Healthy Indoor Air Ongoing Urbana
Healthy Relationships in a Technology Driven World Ongoing Urbana
Helping Children Succeed in School Ongoing Urbana
Helping Leaders Be 4-H Savvy Ongoing Urbana
Henderson, Knox, McDonough & Warren Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Henry, Mercer, Rock Island & Stark Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Herb Gardening Ongoing Urbana
Heritage Garden Ongoing Chicago
HeRMES Clinic: Helping Revitalize Medical Education through Service Ongoing Urbana
High School German Day Competition Ongoing Chicago
High School Jazz Festival Ongoing Chicago
Home, Yard & Garden Pest Ongoing Urbana
Hometown Heroes Ongoing Urbana
Honors Band Festival Ongoing Chicago
Hort Corner Video Ongoing Urbana
Hortanswers - Learn More About the Plants and Their Problems in Your Yard and Garden Ongoing Urbana
HOT Project - Healthy Outcomes for Teens Ongoing Urbana
Hot Topics Dialogues Series Ongoing Urbana
Houseplants Ongoing Urbana
Human Library Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter I I Think Green - Even Small Things Help Care for the World Ongoing Urbana
I2PC Distinguished Speaker Series Ongoing Urbana
iCAP Portal Ongoing Urbana
Ice Skating Party Packages Ongoing Urbana
iFoundry Ongoing Urbana
IGB Entrepreneurship Lecture Series Ongoing Urbana
iHelp Ongoing Urbana
Ikebana Workshop Series Ongoing Urbana
Ilinois' Anti-Establishment Soundscapes: Troubled Waters in 1970 10/30/17 - 10/29/18 Urbana
Illini Fall Prevention Clinic Ongoing Urbana
Illini Gadget Garage Ongoing Urbana
Illini HorseNet Ongoing Urbana
Illini Juggling & Unicycle Club Ongoing Urbana
Illini Medical Screening Society Ongoing Urbana
Illini Mentor Program Ongoing Urbana
Illini PastureNet Ongoing Urbana
Illini Plant and Pest Ongoing Urbana
Illini PorkNet Ongoing Urbana
Illini PoultryNet Ongoing Urbana
Illini Service Dogs Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Agritourism Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Department on Aging Training & Conferences Ongoing Springfield
Illinois Digital Innovation Leadership Program Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Early Childhood Asset Map Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Early Learning Project Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Early Learning Project: Project Approach Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Engineering Ambassadors Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Ensembles Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Farm Business & Farm Management Association Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Fire Service Institute Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Forest Resource Center Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Forestry Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Geometry Lab Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Green Business Association Ongoing Urbana
Illinois History and Lincoln Collections Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Innocence Project Ongoing Springfield
Illinois Legislative Staff Intern Program Ongoing Springfield
Illinois Livestock Trail Ongoing Urbana
Illinois MakerLab Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Manure Management Plan Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Marketplace & Maker Literacy Program Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Master Gardeners Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Master Naturalist Program Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Music Academy Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Natural History Survey Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Network on Islam and Muslim Societies Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Nutrition Education Programs Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety Education & Research Center Ongoing Chicago
Illinois Online Network Ongoing U of I System
Illinois PHA Energy Program Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Prevention Research Center Ongoing Chicago
Illinois Public Media (WILL) Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Radio Reader Service Ongoing Urbana
Illinois RiverWatch Ongoing Urbana
Illinois School Reform Resource Locator Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Small Farms Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Soybean Rust Information Center - Illinois Sentinel Plot System Ongoing Urbana
Illinois State Archaeological Survey Ongoing Urbana
Illinois State Geological Survey Ongoing Urbana
Illinois SuperState Concert Band Festival 2018 5/4/18 - 5/5/18 Urbana
Illinois Sustainable Technology Center Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Theatre Series Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Tree Selection Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Vegetable Garden Guide Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Water Cycle Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Water Resources Center Ongoing Urbana
Illinois World Music Ensembles Ongoing Urbana
Illinois Youth Media Ongoing Urbana
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Ongoing Urbana
Informatics and Computation Ubiquitous through Baccalaureate Education Ongoing Urbana
Information City Lecture Series Ongoing Urbana
Information Trust Institute Ongoing Urbana
INHS Seminar Series Ongoing Urbana
INHS Traveling Science Center Ongoing Urbana
Inner Voices Social Issues Theatre Ongoing Urbana
Inpatient Psychiatry Ongoing Chicago
Inquiry Adventures Youth Nature Field Trips Ongoing Urbana
Institute for Genomic Biology Seminar Series Ongoing Urbana
Institute for Juvenile Research Ongoing Chicago
Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Ongoing Urbana
Institute of Government & Public Affairs Ongoing U of I System
INTC's 2018 Beginning Teacher Conference 6/26/18 - 6/27/18 Urbana
Integrated Pest Management Program Ongoing Urbana
Integrative Physiology Laboratory Ongoing Chicago
Intensified Algebra Program Ongoing Chicago
Intensive English Institute Ongoing Urbana
Intensive Foreign Language Instruction Program (IFLIP) - Winter 2018 1/2/18 - 1/12/18
Occurs each week on M/Tu/W/Th/F
Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Life Ongoing Urbana
International E-Waste Design Competition Ongoing Urbana
International Soybean Program Ongoing Urbana
Internships and Prior Learning Ongoing Springfield
InTouch Crisis Hotline Ongoing Chicago
Is Your Financial Security at Risk? Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter J Jane Addams Hull-House Museum Ongoing Chicago
Japan House Ongoing Urbana
Japan House Spring Open House - 2018 4/14/18 Urbana
Japan House Tea Ceremonies and Tours Ongoing Urbana
Japanese Cooking Workshops Series Ongoing Urbana
Japanese Language Table Series Ongoing Urbana
Jo Daviess, Stephenson & Winnebago Exension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Jonathan Eller Series Ongoing U of I System
Juggling and Unicycle Club Festival 2018 3/9/18 - 3/11/18 Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter K Kaffeestunde - German Conversation Group Series Ongoing Urbana
KAM Chamber Music Series Ongoing Urbana
KAM-BAM: One day at the museum Ongoing Urbana
KAM-WAM: Krannert Art Museum - Week at the Museum Ongoing Urbana
Kids@Krannert Program Ongoing Urbana
Kirby Winter Wellness Walk 12/8/17 - 1/6/18
Occurs each week on Tu/W/Th/F/Sa
Knecht Movement Science Laboratory Ongoing Chicago
Knowing Your World Ongoing Urbana
Knowledge at Work: The University of Illinois at 150 9/12/17 - 8/15/18 Urbana
Korean Conversation Table Series Ongoing Urbana
The Kottemann Gallery of Dentistry Ongoing Chicago
Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion Ongoing Urbana
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Ongoing Urbana
Krannert Center Tours Ongoing Urbana
Krannert Center Youth Series Ongoing Urbana
Krannert Uncorked Series Ongoing Urbana
Krannert Uncorked: Black Chorus and Hip Hop Collective - Spring 2018 1/18/18 Urbana
Krannert Uncorked: MLK Celebration - Winter 2018 1/18/18 Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter L La Casa Cultural Latina Ongoing Urbana
La Esquina de Horticultura Ongoing Urbana
LabEscape Ongoing Urbana
Lake & McHenry Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Latin American Languages Story Time Series Ongoing Urbana
Latin American Languages Storytime - Trilingual Storytelling (Quechua-English-Spanish) - January 2018 1/18/18 Urbana
Lawn FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Home Lawn Care Ongoing Urbana
Lawn Talk - Lawncare Info for Northern Illinois Ongoing Urbana
Leadership Training & Union Schools Ongoing Urbana
Learn-to-Cook Series Ongoing Urbana
Learn-to-Skate Program Ongoing Urbana
Learn-to-Swim Program Ongoing Urbana
Legal Issues in the News Ongoing Urbana
LENS Diversity Certificate Program Ongoing Urbana
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center Ongoing Urbana
Let's Party Ongoing Urbana
Let's Talk About Insects Ongoing Urbana
Letritia Kandle and the Grand Letar: Hawaiian Music on Illinois’ Grand Prairie 11/1/17 - 1/2/18 Urbana
Levine Hillel Center Ongoing Chicago
Library of the Health Sciences Ongoing Chicago
Lifetime Fitness Program Ongoing Urbana
LIFT College Access Mentoring Program Ongoing Urbana
LINC - Learning in Community Ongoing Urbana
Linguistics Club Talk Series Ongoing Urbana
Linguistics Seminar Series Ongoing Urbana
Livestock E-Quiz Ongoing Urbana
Living with White-tailed Deer in Illinois Ongoing Urbana
Living With Wildlife in Illinois Ongoing Urbana
Livingston, McLean & Woodford Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Local Community Resources Ongoing Urbana
Local Government Education Ongoing Urbana
Local Government Matters Ongoing Urbana
Logan, Menard & Sangamon Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Looking Your Best for Work Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter M M.A.T.H:. Math Access for Teachers & Home Child Care Providers Ongoing Chicago
Madison, Monroe & St. Clair Extension Unit Ongoing Urbana
Major Turf Insects & Diseases Ongoing Urbana
Mali Water Project Ongoing Urbana
Manure Central - Resources about the Production and Management of Livestock Manure Ongoing Urbana
Manure Share Ongoing Urbana
Marketplace Literacy Project Ongoing Urbana
Master Gardener Course - Hot Links Ongoing Urbana
Master of Social Work Outreach Program Ongoing Urbana
Materials Science and Technology Modules Ongoing Urbana
Mathematical Galleries Ongoing Urbana
Mealtime Minutes Ongoing Urbana
Meat Safety for the Consumer Ongoing Urbana
Media Matters: Establishing effective messaging for social media campaigns and the press 1/13/18 Urbana
Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois Ongoing Urbana
Mi Pueblo at UIUC Ongoing Urbana
Mid-American Gardener Ongoing Urbana
Midwest Ornamental Grasses Ongoing Urbana
Migration and Identity in Central Asia: The Uzbek Experience 1/18/18 Urbana
Mile Square Community School Health Centers Ongoing Chicago
Minority Engineering Recruitment and Retention Program Ongoing Chicago
Miracle of Fall Ongoing Urbana
MLK Day of Service 2018 1/15/18 Urbana
Money MentorsProgram - Champaign, Ford, Iroquois & Vermilion Counties Ongoing Urbana
Mood & Anxiety Disorders Program Ongoing Chicago
More for Your Money: Using Your Money Wisely Ongoing Urbana
Morrill Engineering Program Ongoing Urbana
Mortenson Center for International Library Programs Ongoing Urbana
Moscow Festival Ballet: Cinderella 1/18/18 Urbana
Moscow Festival Ballet: Don Quixote 1/17/18 Urbana
Moscow Festival Ballet: Swan Lake 1/16/18 Urbana
MRTN/Nitrogen Application Calculator Ongoing Urbana
MS Tax Program Ongoing Urbana
MSTE Friday Lunch Series Ongoing Urbana
My First Garden: A Guide to the World of Fun and Clever Gardening Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter N Nab the Aquatic Invader! Ongoing Urbana
NanoCEMMS Online Lab Materials Ongoing Urbana
Nathalie P. Voorhees Center for Neighborhood & Community Improvement Ongoing Chicago
National Soybean Research Laboratory Ongoing Urbana
National Volunteer Week Ongoing Urbana
Native American House Ongoing Urbana
Natural Resources, the Environment and Ecosystems Ongoing Urbana
NCSA Colloquium Series Ongoing Urbana
NCSA Supercomputer Tours Ongoing Urbana
Necessary Steps Mentoring Program Ongoing Springfield
Neighborhoods Initiative Ongoing Chicago
Neurodevelopmental Psychopharmacology Clinic Ongoing Chicago
Neuropsychiatric Institute Ongoing Chicago
Neuropsychology Services Program Ongoing Chicago
New Directions in Russian and East European Studies Series Ongoing Urbana
Nibbles... - Ideas for Families Ongoing Urbana
Ninth Letter Ongoing Urbana
The No. 44 Society - Book Collector's Club Ongoing Urbana
Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center Ongoing Urbana
Novel Education for Understanding Research On Neuroscience Ongoing Urbana
NPR Illinois WUIS & Illinois Issues Ongoing Springfield
NRES Departmental Seminar Series Ongoing Urbana
Nutrición y Salud Ongoing Urbana
Nutrition and Health Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter O Occupational & Environmental Medicine Clinic Ongoing Chicago
The Odyssey Project Ongoing Urbana
Office for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Ongoing Urbana
Office of Corporate Relations Ongoing Urbana
Office of Electronic Media Ongoing Springfield
Office of Information Technology and Communication Services Ongoing Urbana
Office of Recreation and Park Services Ongoing Urbana
Office of Volunteer Programs Ongoing Urbana
On (Non)uniformity of the Adjectival and the Nominal Domain 1/18/18 Urbana
One Book, One Campus Program Ongoing Urbana
One People Ongoing Urbana
Online & Off Campus Programs in the College of Education Ongoing Urbana
Online Agricultural Education Master of Science Ongoing Urbana
Online Certificate in TESL Ongoing Urbana
Online Course Offerings for Students Ongoing Urbana
Online Dairy Courses Ongoing Urbana
Online Education (LEEP) Ongoing Urbana
Online Food Science MS Program Ongoing Urbana
Online Health Communication Conference: Barriers, Breakthroughs, and Best Practices 2/28/18 - 3/2/18 Urbana
Online M.S. Degree in Crop Sciences Ongoing Urbana
Online Master of Science in Recreation, Sport and Tourism Ongoing Urbana
Ornamental Grasses Ongoing Urbana
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Ongoing Urbana
Osteoporosis Ongoing Urbana
Our Rose Garden Ongoing Urbana
Our Rose Garden Mobile App Ongoing Urbana
Out on a Limb: A Guide to Getting Along Ongoing Urbana
Outpatient Psychopharmacology Program Ongoing Chicago
OUTSIDE at Research Park Performance Series Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter P Papers of Abraham Lincoln Ongoing Springfield
Parenting Again Ongoing Urbana
Pathways Resource Center Ongoing Urbana
Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government Ongoing U of I System
The Paul Rolland String Pedagogy Workshop - Summer 2017 6/23/17 - 6/28/17 Urbana
Pediatric Mood Disorders Clinic Ongoing Chicago
Pediatric Stress & Anxiety Disorders Clinic Ongoing Chicago
Peer Health Exchange Ongoing Chicago
Pesticide Safety Education Program Ongoing Urbana
Pet Health Columns Ongoing Urbana
Physics of Baseball Ongoing Urbana
Physics Van Outreach Program Ongoing Urbana
Plan Well, Retire Well Ongoing Urbana
The Poinsettia Pages Ongoing Urbana
Police Training Institute Ongoing Urbana
Poverty Simulation - 2018 1/19/18 Urbana
The Power of the Wind Ongoing Urbana
Prairie Group Ongoing Chicago
Preservation and Conservation Units Ongoing Urbana
Principal's Scholars Program Ongoing Urbana
Private Applicator Training: Online Courses for Private Pesticide Applicators Ongoing Urbana
The Private Well Class Ongoing Urbana
Probation Officer Training Ongoing Springfield
Professional Development Certificate in Crop Sciences Ongoing Urbana
Professional Development Certificate in Horticulture Ongoing Urbana
Professional Development Certificate in Urban Agriculture Ongoing Urbana
Professional Development Modules: Topics in Applied Research Skills Ongoing Urbana
Project ESTEEM Ongoing Chicago
Project Midstate Student Support (MSS) for Teaching Program Ongoing Springfield
Project SET Ongoing Chicago
Psychiatric Institute Ongoing Chicago
Psychological Services Center Ongoing Urbana
Psychosis Program Ongoing Chicago
Public Engagement Portal Ongoing Urbana
Pumpkins and More Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter Q Quality Assurance and Ethics Certification Ongoing Urbana
Quench Lunch Series Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter R Radio Information Service Ongoing Springfield
Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center Ongoing Chicago
Rainbow Bookbag Series Ongoing Urbana
The Rare Book & Manuscript Library Ongoing Urbana
Raspberries & More Ongoing Urbana
Recipes for Diabetes Ongoing Urbana
Recipes for Diabetes App Ongoing Urbana
Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Developmental Disabilities and Health Ongoing Chicago
Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Ongoing Urbana
Research on Urban Education Policy Initiative Ongoing Chicago
Resources for Educators in Illinois Ongoing Urbana
Richard J. Daley Library Ongoing Chicago
Ricker Library of Architecture and Art Ongoing Urbana
Riding the Winds with Kalani - A Weather Adventure Ongoing Urbana
Robert E. Brown Center for World Music Ongoing Urbana
Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter S Sangamon Auditorium Ongoing Springfield
Saturday Physics for Everyone Ongoing Urbana
School of Art + Design Visitor Series Ongoing Urbana
School of Social Work Professional Development Series Ongoing Urbana
Science at the Market Series Ongoing Urbana
Scoop on Soil Ongoing Urbana
Scott Silven: Wonders at Dusk 1/17/18 - 1/20/18 Urbana
Scuba Clinic Series Ongoing Urbana
Selecting Shrubs for Your Home Ongoing Urbana
Shake, Rattle and Slide: The Work of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Glaciers Ongoing Urbana
Sheep & Goats: Illinois Livestock Trail Ongoing Urbana
Shelter Medicine Program at Illinois Ongoing Urbana
Sibling Leadership Network Ongoing Chicago
Simone Cinotto Series Ongoing U of I System
Sinfonia da Camera Performance Series Ongoing Urbana
Small Farms Manure Management Ongoing Urbana
Small Fruit Crops for the Backyard Ongoing Urbana
Smart Energy Design Assistance Center Ongoing Urbana
Soil Testing Labs Ongoing Urbana
Sonja Williams Series Ongoing U of I System
Sousa Archives and Center for American Music Ongoing Urbana
Soybean Press Ongoing Urbana
SPEAK Cafe: Spring 2018 1/4/18 Urbana
Speech-Language Pathology Clinic Ongoing Urbana
Sports Fitness Program 2018 6/11/18 - 7/2/18
Occurs each week on M/Tu/W/Th
Spotlight on Natural Resources Ongoing Urbana
Sprayer Calibration Calculator Ongoing Urbana
Spring 2017 MillerComm Lecture Series Ongoing Urbana
Spurlock Museum and Outreach Visits for Educators Ongoing Urbana
Spurlock Museum Educational Resource Center Ongoing Urbana
Spurlock Museum of World Cultures Ongoing Urbana
Spurlock Museum Tours Ongoing Urbana
St. John Paul II Newman Center Ongoing Chicago
Stain Solutions Ongoing Urbana
Stepping Stones to Perennial Garden Design Ongoing Urbana
Strategies for Empowering Students: Classroom activities that engage the mind Ongoing Urbana
Strawberries & More Ongoing Urbana
Subsistence Marketplaces Initiative Ongoing Urbana
Successful Container Gardens: How to Select, Plant and Maintain Ongoing Urbana
Sudden Sound Concert Series Ongoing Urbana
Summer Artist Residency and Exhibition Ongoing Springfield
Summer Bridge Program Ongoing Springfield
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education Ongoing Urbana
Survey Research Office Ongoing Springfield
Sustainable Development Virtual Knowledge Interface℠ Ongoing Urbana
Swine Waste Economical and Environmental Treatment Alternatives Ongoing Urbana
Sólo Para Niños Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter T Take Action on Radon for Healthy Homes Ongoing Urbana
TAP Resource Center Ongoing Urbana
TAP Resource Room and Online Resources Ongoing Urbana
A Taste of Gardening - A Vegetable Gardening Basics Series Ongoing Urbana
Tax Breaks for Higher Education Ongoing Urbana
Teaching with Technology Seminar Series Ongoing Urbana
Thursdays@12:20 Concert Series Ongoing Urbana
Tree House Weather Kids Ongoing Urbana
Trees are Terrific - Travels with Pierre Ongoing Urbana
TRiO Academic Talent Search College Prep Program Ongoing Urbana
Tropical Punch! - Exotic Plants as Focal Points and Accents in Midwestern Gardens Ongoing Urbana
Turkey for the Holidays Ongoing Urbana
Tutorium in Intensive English Ongoing Chicago
First entry beginning with at least the letter U UI Pollinatarium Ongoing Urbana
UI-7 Cable Television Channel Ongoing Urbana
UIC College Prep HS Ongoing Chicago
UIC Forum Ongoing Chicago
UIC Pavilion Ongoing Chicago
UIC Reading Clinic Ongoing Chicago
UIUC Peace Corps Office Ongoing Urbana
Unity Community Center Ongoing Urbana
University Academic Programs and Services Ongoing U of I System
University Library Ongoing Urbana
University of Illinois Extension Ongoing Urbana
University of Illinois Online Catalog Ongoing U of I System
University of Illinois Plant Clinic Ongoing Urbana
University of Illinois Springfield to cut ribbon on new $21.75 million Student Union Building 1/14/18 Springfield
University of Illinois Tax School Ongoing Urbana
University of Illinois WebCon 2018 4/4/18 - 4/6/18 Urbana
University of Illinois Webmasters Ongoing Urbana
University of Illinois Writing Project Ongoing Urbana
University YMCA Ongoing Urbana
Unwanted Medicine & Personal Care Products: Unused and Expired Medicines Ongoing Urbana
Upward Bound Program Ongoing Chicago
Urban Health Program Ongoing Chicago
Urban Programs Resource Network Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter V Variety Testing Ongoing Urbana
Vascular Health Lab Ongoing Chicago
Vet Med Open House - Fall 2018 10/7/18 Urbana
Veterinary Behavior at Illinois Ongoing Urbana
Veterinary Education Online Ongoing Urbana
Veterinary Student Outreach Program Ongoing Urbana
Veterinary Teaching Hospital Ongoing Urbana
Vida Familiar Ongoing Urbana
Virtual Microscope Project Ongoing Urbana
VOICE Reading Series Ongoing Urbana
Volunteer and Civic Engagement Center Ongoing Springfield
First entry beginning with at least the letter W Walk in My Shoes: A 4-H Awareness Project Ongoing Urbana
A Walk in the Woods Ongoing Urbana
Watch Your Garden Grow Ongoing Urbana
Water Gardening Ongoing Urbana
Water Survey Public Service Laboratory Ongoing Urbana
Weather World 2010 Project Ongoing Urbana
Welcome to the Real World Ongoing Urbana
What's the Big Deal, It's Just a Talk (Parent Education) Ongoing Urbana
Who Wants to be a Parliamentarian? Ongoing Urbana
WhysGuy Ongoing Urbana
Wildflowers Ongoing Urbana
Wildlife Encounters Resources Ongoing Urbana
Wildlife Medical Clinic Ongoing Urbana
Wildlife Medical Clinic Educational & PR Visits Ongoing Urbana
WILL Agriculture Ongoing Urbana
WILL AM 580 Ongoing Urbana
WILL Education Ongoing Urbana
WILL FM 90.9 Ongoing Urbana
WILL TV Ongoing Urbana
Windows to Asian Cultures Ongoing Urbana
Winter Storm Resource Center Ongoing Urbana
Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program Ongoing Urbana
Women Chemists Committee Ongoing Urbana
Women in Tech Luncheon 1/11/18 Urbana
Women's Empowerment & International Development Focal Point Series Ongoing Urbana
Women's Leadership & Resource Center Ongoing Chicago
Women's Mental Health and Reproductive Psychiatry Ongoing Chicago
World on the Horizon: Swahili Arts Across the Indian Ocean 8/31/17 - 3/24/18 Urbana
Writ n' Rhymed Series Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter X First entry beginning with at least the letter Y Yoga at KAM - Winter 2017-18 12/1/17 - 1/12/18
Occurs each week on F
The Young Child Clinic Ongoing Chicago
Your Guide to Diet and Diabetes Ongoing Urbana
Your New Baby Ongoing Urbana
Youth Development Program Ongoing Chicago
Youth Lit Book Club Series Ongoing Urbana
Youth Party Packages Ongoing Urbana
First entry beginning with at least the letter Z Zahn Learning Center Open Hours Ongoing Urbana