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The Community Informatics Club is a social-service organization open to graduate students and other enthusiasts interested in Community Informatics (CI).


CI Club believes our role as a club to be a natural extension of the CI program in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. The hope is to give current students more opportunities to bond and develop their academic and social experience at U of I and also to invite potential students or CI enthusiasts in to be a part of the fun. The group strives to be a mix of activism and connections with local community efforts, social and professional development, and an extension to the CI program.

For the past few years they’ve had two main agendas:

  1. The Urbana Free Library Tech Volunteers.
  2. Semi-regular events that take place at different times and locations, depending on their composition. They can vary considerably but generally can be categorized as community outreach, civic engagement, speaker events, professional development, and social hangouts. Many events are in collaboration with other clubs at GSLIS and take place within the fold of larger on-going projects and collaborations.

Who Should Join CI Club?

If you think you’re interested in CI but don’t have the time or opportunity to participate in CI classes (or perhaps just want to see what it’s all about) by all means please join the club! You’ll have a chance to get a taste of what we do and get out there and make a difference. Students already invested in CI can meet others involved in various CI causes from both the student population and different communities. People of all ages and walks in life are welcome, and we hold enough variety of events that those who prefer only certain activities can usually find something. Friends, kids and spouses are welcome at many events.

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