Physics Van Outreach Program



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Mobile Classroom

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  • Registration/Application required



  • 217-333-4173



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  • Department of Physics





The Illinois Physics Van is a traveling science show for kids!

By performing and explaining exciting physics demonstrations, we show our audiences that science is fun and worthwhile for people who wonder about why the world acts the way it does. We challenge kids' mental picture of what kind of people scientists are. We show them that as long as you want to learn and have fun, there's a world of physics waiting to be discovered.

The Van travels to elementary schools in Champaign-Urbana, IL and towns in the surrounding area. We have been as far as New Mexico, where we collaborated in science outreach with Los Alamos National Labs, and Snowmass, CO, where we performed at the Snowmass Science Weekend.

The Physics Van is an outreach program of the University of Illinois Physics Department, part of the Illinois College of Engineering. For more information (or to find out how you can get involved) contact the Physics Van!

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