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Every semester, and during the summer, new students enroll in our program and ask to be matched with American Conversation Partners.   Each semester we need from 80-100 Conversation Partners.  Remember, we are only asking for 1 hour of your time each week to meet with the students. Of course, if you are interested in meeting with the students occasionally for other activities as well,  your Conversation Partners would be very happy to do so.  In exchange for that, you’ll make new friends and experience the world from another perspective.

You can become a volunteer for the Conversation Partners Program by completing the Volunteer Signup Form. As soon as we find a match for you (usually during the first week of the semester), we’ll let you know how to contact your new conversation partners.  Thanks!

For more information call or email the IEI.

  • Meet with your “conversation partners” (two or three IEI students) all together for at least one hour each week, preferably at the same time and place.
  • Report to the IEI Conversation Partner Coordinator  about your meeting each week.
  • Attend some of the all-IEI social activities. These events are, of course, optional, but the students love it when their Conversation Partners can attend.

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