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Statement of Mission

SusDeViKI is an online journal and international community for sharing refereed educational materials that are targeted toward low-literate learners in impoverished settings to enable sustainable development. 

SusDeViKI aims to serve the rapidly increasing need to share learning and usable educational content being deployed by governmental and non-governmental entities and enterprises with a social mission around the world.  A common criticism of education in the realm of sustainable development is the inability to “scale” or even learn from the many innovative experiments being carried out around the world.

SusDeViKI addresses this challenge by reviewing educational content, supporting research that is submitted to the online system, and by presenting accepted content in a usable form.  The larger purpose is to serve as a platform for refereed educational content that can then be used either as is or likely through customization in settings across the world.

The SusDeViKI Editorial Board is currently accepting submissions for content associated with agriculture and life sciences, marketplace literacy, and women's empowerment.

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