2017 Summer Illinois Math (SIM) Camp Delta

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Mon, 7/24/2017 - Fri, 7/28/2017
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Summer Camp

Participation Details:

  • Registration/Application required
  • Participation is limited:
    Open to students entering 9th - 12th grade in the fall who have taken at least a year of algebra



Parent Program(s):

  • Department of Mathematics



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2017 Topics

Classical Constructions: Learn to draw algebra

What can we do with a compass and a straightedge? These simple tools can be used to create shapes, do arithmetic and prove fun facts about geometry. This course will teach students geometry as the ancient Greeks saw it, using only tools that were available then.

Topological Invariants: How to know the answer in advance

Can a clay ball be deformed into a doughnut without cutting, pasting, or poking any holes? How many colors are needed to color a map of the U.S.? To find the answer to these questions, mathematicians study topological invariants. We will use topological invariants to describe these and other qualities of spaces.

Application Details

  • SIM Camp Delta is for students entering 9th through 12th grade in the fall who have taken at least a year of algebra.
  • Visit the SIM Summer Camp website to apply.
  • Applications will be available in early March. They will be due April 15.

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