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BeeSpotter is a partnership between citizen-scientists and the professional science community designed to educate the public about pollinators by engaging them in a data collection effort of importance to the nation. It is a web-based portal at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for learning about honey bees and bumble bees and for contributing data to a nationwide effort to baseline information on population status of these insects.

The goals of Beespotter are to:

  • engage citizen scientists in data collection to establish a much-needed baseline for monitoring population declines
  • to increase public awareness of pollinator diversity
  • enhance public appreciation of pollination as an ecosystem service

The use of photography for identification, instead of the net, pin, and spreading board of traditional entomology, is consistent with the goal of preserving bee diversity and enhancing pollinator appreciation.

A couple of notes for those who are new to the BeeSpotter website:

  • BeeSpotter is currently only collecting Bee Spottings in the states of Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio, but hope to eventually expand to other states as well!
  • Please be sure to post at least one photo with each submission! The expert identifier cannot respond to any ID request that does not have a photo.

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