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Power engineering experts and educators from the Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (MSTE) and the Information Trust Institute (ITI) have developed these interactive lessons for the NSF, DOE, and DHS funded Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid (TCIPG) project to help teachers and students learn about the system that delivers electricity and the challenges for the future. The Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium (CREDC) Education team continues the work of the TCIPG Education project.

These instructional resources are designed for students in middle and high school. They are classroom-ready and illustrate important concepts in the science of electricity and the power grid as well as mathematics.

These interactive lessons explain the basics of the power grid in a fun and informative way. You'll learn about electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. They also demonstrate how various factors affect the reliability and pricing of electricity.

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