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As the focal point of policy development and political activity, Illinois General Assembly has become an exciting arena for young people to experience state government first-hand by working as an Illinois Legislative Staff Intern with the legislative leaders who will shape public policy in Illinois for the next decade.

For more than fifty (50) years, the Illinois Legislative Staff Intern Program (ILSIP) has provided unique internship experiences for keenly interested, deeply motivated and talented individuals to work within state government. With the Capitol as both workplace and classroom, ILSIP interns earn four (4) graduate credits from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Funded by the Illinois General Assembly through the Illinois Legislative Research Unit and administered by the University of Illinois at Springfield, ILSIP grew out of a desire to provide individuals with diverse experience and backgrounds, insight into the legislative process. The program offers interns a ten and a half (10.5) month, full-time position as a professional legislative staffer working with either the Illinois General Assembly or Illinois Legislative Research Unit. Interns also participate in an academic seminar conducted by UIS faculty.

The ILSIP experience is intended to broaden the perspective of those planning academic, business or government careers so that they will carry into their chosen fields an understanding of the legislative process and how it relates to their work. In addition to providing interns exposure to the legislative process, the program provides legislative leaders with research and other professional staff assistance.

After completing this program many interns continue working in state government, while others gain employment at other levels of government, attend law school, or pursue opportunities in the private sector.

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