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  • College of Veterinary Medicine




Developed in 1991 to enhance the business, management, and medical skills of veterinarians.

Since 1991 the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine has offered the Executive Veterinary Program™ (EVP) certificate in swine health management. The program was developed to enhance the business, communication and strategic planning skills of veterinarians while fitting into their busy schedules. In 1993, the College received the Merck Agvet Award for Creativity in Education for its innovative approach to filling a deficit in the education of veterinarians.

Recognizing a need for such training in other segments of the industry, the College expanded the program in 1998 to include a certificate in small animal health management. The addition of this certificate program allowed for more veterinarians from around the country to experience personal and professional development in the areas of industry trends, communication, leadership, economics and finance, marketing, legal and ethical issues, public health concerns and strategic planning.

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