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Established in 2002, the Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion (CPHP) mission is to provide high quality nutrition education, health promotion and disease prevention services through partnerships, directed at eligible families in Chicago.  The CPHP nutrition education team provides services through a wide network of community based organizations with interventions designed to improve nutrition and reduce health disparities for individuals with nutrition associated diseases.  CPHP provides high quality culturally tailored nutrition education in more than 300 venues reaching every region of Chicago.

CPHP’s goal is to bring healthy lifestyle messages into communities where Chicagoans live, work, eat and play.  CPHP staff encourages Chicago families to make healthier food choices, learn to prepare and consume healthier foods every day and be more physically active. CPHP provides nutrition education through a team of Nutrition educators, drawing on the unique strengths of both academic professionals (often registered dietitians) and paraprofessional community peer educators.

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