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A school located community health center is similar to a medical office located inside or in close proximity to a school.  The health center staff provide a full range of physical, health education, and behavioral health and wellness services to students so they can avoid health-related absences and achieve greater academic success.  

School health centers may also provide a wide array of wellness and integrated healthcare services to families, community residents and school staff.  Our school health center staff includes licensed, registered and/or certified health professionals who are trained and experienced in community and school health and who have knowledge of health promotion and illness prevention strategies for children, adolescents and adults.

 Why School Health Centers?

School health centers reduce barriers to care that have historically prevented youth and their families from seeking the health services they need.  Students are able to receive health care services at school and return back to learning in their classrooms.  Caregiver adults do not need to take time off of work in order to transport the sick student to a health care provider.  In fact, all family members may access high quality comprehensive health care services in one central location.

Our school health centers integrate primary care services with mental health and behavioral health care interventions to provide holistic health services to students and their families.  Our programs offer supportive services that are culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate.

As FQHC’s, our school health centers are committed to providing care to uninsured and under-insured families.  Each health center is located in a Chicago’s public, charter and contract schools.  All sites are staffed by UI Health, Mile Square Health Center health professionals who work collaboratively with school faculty and staff.

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