Certificate in Labor Studies



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  • School of Labor and Employment Relations




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The Certificate in Labor Studies classes lay the foundation for educated union participation and future leadership.

This six (6) class program is designed as an introduction to the labor movement upon which a more intensive development of labor education can be built. They are for current union leaders, new members, activists, union staff, people who want to meet people from other unions, and working people who want to learn about the labor movement. Because the kind of knowledge necessary for effective union membership and leadership is broad rather than narrow, our curriculum is designed to provide both skills-based knowledge along with topics that address larger issues for workers in the US and globally. Students who complete the sequence of six classes will receive a Certificate in Labor Studies from the Labor Education Program.

Visit the Certificate in Labor Studies page for full details and registration information.


  • The fee per class is $150, or $100 if you register for two or more classes in advance.
  • Unions which enroll a minimum of five students will receive a discounted block rate.


  • All classes take place in Chicago at the Rice Building, Suite #110, 815 W. Van Buren, Chicago, Illinois 60607.

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