eBlackCU: A Collaborative Portal on African-American Experiences in Champaign-Urbana



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The eBlack Champaign-Urbana project is a collaborative portal on African-American history and culture that draws on multiple public and private collections of information on the African-American community in Champaign-Urbana.


Community Informatics

eBlackCU is rooted in the theory and practice of community informatics, which is "the study or practice regarding the continuity of local, historical communities meeting the transformation of information technologies," Community Informatics Research Lab.

eBlack Studies principles

  1. Cyberdemocracy. eBlack depends on everyone having access to and becoming an active user of cyber technology. 
  2. Collective Intelligence. eBlack depends on all intellectual production being collected, analyzed, and utilized. 
  3. Information Freedom. eBlack depends on intellectual production being freely available to everyone. 

Overview of the website

  1. Bibliography/Webliography and Research Guide.
  2. Digitized Information. 
  3. Publishing/Exhibits.