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  • Department of Psychology




The Univeristy of Illinois Conflict Clinic is co-directed by Dr. Mikhail Lyubansky andDr. Elaine Shpungin as part of the UIUC Psychological Services Center.

The mission of the Conflict Clinic is to: (a) explore constructive ways to address conflict and (b) support organizations and communities in transforming conflict and disconnection into empowerment and connection.

To move towards these goals, we strive to:
  • PARTNER with organizations, schools, and campus units that want to explore more constructive or restorative ways of getting through painful conflicts and events.
  • SHARE KNOWLEDGE about restorative practices through courses, workshops, publications, media and conversations.
  • LEARN about restorative ways of getting through conflict and living and working together, through research, study, teaching, and practice.
Our diverse faculty and students have worked with organizations, schools, and campus units in Champaign-Urbana, the surrounding Midwest area (Chicago, southern Illinois, Missouri), and other diverse communities around the U.S. (e.g., Virginia, Michigan, Seattle). 

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