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DoCha is a collaborative effort among University of Illinois faculty, students, community members and friends under the artistic coordination of a world renowned violinist and UIUC School of Music Professor Stefan Milenkovich to experiment with new and fun ways to present chamber music. DoCha’s performers represent the first generation of classical musicians in the 21st century who feel they have a responsibility to carry forward the traditions of their art form while adapting to the changing world.


DoCha creates chamber music-based experiences for all people that engage all of the senses. Committed to the idea that chamber music can and should be enjoyed by everyone, DoCha is free, fun, collaborative, engaging, and educational. Incubated by University of Illinois music professors in downtown Champaign, DoCha is the 21st century chamber music adventure.


DoCha strives to serve as a national model for a thriving arts community in a micro-urban environment by offering free, fun, collaborative, engaging, and educational chamber music experiences for all people in the Champaign County community

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