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  • School of Social Work




The Community Learning Lab (CLL) was formed to create and support relationships between the community and the classrooms at the University of Illinois School of Social Work in a partnership that is mutually beneficial in the areas of growth, education, and sustainability.

While addressing the areas of research, development, and service, the goals of the CLL are to:

  • Partner with agencies to produce outcomes that will enable them to enrich the services they provide, show the impact of their services, and maintain sustainability.
  • Provide students with valuable hands on experience and an opportunity to walk away with a sense of accomplishment from their contributions at a community level.
  • Enable instructors to enhance their curriculums and serve vulnerable populations by overseeing the projects.

With grant support from the University of Illinois Office of Public Engagement, the CLL successfully entered the first pilot run in the Fall of 2013.

Student project examples include data computation, conducting needs assessments, providing agency outreach and education, literature reviews, tutoring under represented children, developing resource manuals, and grant writing.

Community members are encouraged to apply to the CLL with a project proposal through an online link that will be available during the beginning of each Fall and Spring semesters.  The CLL liaison will then work with faculty to find an appropriate match.  They make a concerted effort to try to facilitate as many partnerships as possible between agencies and classes.  Please know though that applying to the CLL database does not guarantee that your project will be compatible with classes being offered.

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