EZregs - Making Sense of Illinois Agricultural and Horticultural Regulations



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The purpose of EZregs is to identify environmental regulations that pertain to specific agricultural and horticultural operations and practices in Illinois.

EZregs will provide more detailed information on applications of those regulations for livestock and crop farms, turfgrass and lawn care operations. It contains a variety of regulations related to environmental protection, safe use of agricultural chemicals, and livestock facility construction, management and siting. Historic preservation and endangered species preservation are also included.

EZregs is for livestock and crop producers, green industry professionals, rural neighbors to farm operations, policy makers, land use planners, lenders, builders, consultants, homeowners and University Extension educators.

The following regulations are included in EZregs:

  • CERCLA/EPCRA reporting for livestock farms
  • Dead Animal Disposal
  • Design Criteria for (Municipal) Sludge Application on Land
  • Endangered Species Act
  • Federal Certification of Pesticide Applicators (40CFR171)
  • Federal Recordkeeping requirements (7CFR110)
  • Federal Worker Protection Standard (40CFR170)
  • Fence Act
  • Historic Resources Preservation Act
  • IEPA Livestock Regulations Parts 501, 506, 560, 570, & 580
  • IL Construction Site Stormwater Permit
  • IL Noxious Weeds Rules
  • Illinois Noxious Weed Act
  • Illinois NPDES General Permit - Livestock
  • Illinois Pesticide Act (Rules Part 250)
  • Illinois Pesticide Act (Statutes 415 ILCS 60)
  • Livestock Facility Management Regulations -- Section 900
  • LMFA (Statutes) 510 ILCS 77/1 et seq.
  • Oil Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Program 40 CFR 112

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