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Often trees are taken for granted. We see them everyday, but we may never even notice them.

Without trees, we would miss a great deal. Trees provide everything from the air we breathe to the roof we live under. Trees also provide food and shelter for birds, animals and insects.

Just think a popsicle would be impossible to eat if it weren’t for trees. And pizza would be real cold if it weren’t for the cardboard box from a tree.

Dr. Arbor Talks Trees focuses on tree anatomy and physiology. Students will learn some of the basic inner workings, chemical principles, and fun ways to get to know trees better. Dr. Arbor Talks Trees will also promote how your students can celebrate trees by developing their own Arbor Day activities.

This website is designed for students in sixth through eighth grades and will help them gain a greater appreciation of trees and their contributions to our lives.

If this website is not the right level for your students, please check out our other websites focused on trees -- Trees Are Terrific (K-2 grades) and The Secret Life of Trees (3-5 grades).