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  • Fee required



  • 217-333-3806


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  • University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign

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Campus Recreation cultivates positive life-long learning through inclusive and valuable resources that empower the campus to achieve, develop leaders, and serve the global community at the highest level.

Core Values

These core values shape and influence how they approaches their  job, relate to staff members, and are a reflection of the organizational culture.

  • They focus on STUDENTS as owners, users and employee resources. The staff offers development and leadership opportunities for students in each of these capacities.
  • They are INNOVATIVE and welcome DIVERSITY. The staff strives to be leaders through participation in diverse programming and engaging in collaborative efforts. These experiences teach them to fully embrace, understand, and appreciate multicultural and diverse perspectives.
  • They strive to be community builders by exhibiting LOYALTY and SUPPORTING the University of Illinois, Student Affairs, Campus Recreation, co-workers and their patrons.
  • They define and create the culture of Campus Recreation through their INTEGRITY and ETHICS, while welcoming INDIVIDUALITY and HUMOR in the workplace.
  • They respect and appreciate the PASTPRESENT, and FUTURE, as each component builds to define and guide Campus Recreation.

Partners Within the University of Illinois:

  • Wellness Center

Cities Impacted: