Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Life



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Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Life is a set of resources to help people manage their work and their personal lives. Intentional Harmony is based on family theory and interdisciplinary research, and it addresses the needs of working individuals in several critical areas.

Intended Audiences

Intentional Harmony is designed to meet the needs of individuals (single or coupled, parents or not) who are employed and who struggle to create harmony in the contexts of work and personal life. The curriculum has a flexible, dynamic format. 

Intentional Harmony can be delivered to traditional family life audiences. Beyond this, it is especially suitable for delivery/implementation in workplaces where employers care about the well being of their employees. As an example, workshops could be delivered as part of a lunchtime wellness series. The curriculum was created such that it can be effectively delivered by professionals not specifically trained in family life education or social sciences, such as those in human resources and other similar fields. Ideally, employers will obtain the curriculum and have their internal staff trained to deliver it at regular intervals, to current employees as well as new hires.

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